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Beyond the chaotic life of the city and the layman life of hills; the people of Nepal have their own rhythm that brings balance in their life extremes. To understand the lifestyle of Nepalese people, it is paramount that you observe dances that resonates the demeanor of life in the country.

Nepal is home to more than 100 ethnic groups, each with their own language and culture. The cultural heritage of Nepal is known around the globe. The fascinating aspect of Nepalese culture is the diversity in traditional folk dances that tell different stories of the tradition and culture. What makes them different is that they are more than just a dance performance, they’re a unique combination of folk music, norms, and beliefs.

Experience cultural dance at Gokarna House, Restaurant in Thamel

Thamel is a tourism hub that displays the rich culture of Nepal. A restaurant in Thamel bring people together through melodies and rhythm from various ethnic groups of Nepal. Here, through dance and music, people rejoice and forget their troubles, enjoying a festive atmosphere and delicious cuisine. Every evening night, this restaurant in Thamel, Gokarna House Restaurant, offers a variety of folk dances and traditional music from several corners of Nepal.

“The deeply ingrained melodies from Nepali musical instrument touches spirits and excites everyone. We want to give the real taste of Nepal, our culture deeply connected to Nepali roots, to our guests. Dance that has its own unique attributes, and touches the heart and soul”- says Deepak Shrestha, Owner of Gokarna House Restaurant.

When you dance there is no prejudice, it’s all about sharing and living in the moment. Dance, in its pure form, breaks all the barriers and unites people of different cultures. Gokarna House offers its guests a unique experience of the amazing Nepali cultural dance along with the authentic multi cuisine dishes. Gokarna House, a restaurant in Thamel, showcases various dances from different ethnic groups such as Sherpa dance, Tamang dance, Lakhey dance, Shaman dance and much more. Here’s a little introduction to each of these dances and what you can expect when you visit this restaurant in Thamel.

Sherpa dance

Sherpas are the residents of high mountainous regions of Nepal. They grow up playing in snowy peaks and are raised in the Himalayas. The Sherpas, ethnic group of the Himalayas, have established their own culture and lifestyle, largely accompanied by singing, dancing, and feasts.

The performers wear the traditional sherpa attire and dance in a group with the melodic beats. The songs tell the story of life on the trails, highs and lows of life. There dances are derived from a history where monks dressed in colorful attire and elaborated masks represent gods and demons and perform religious dances intended to fend off evil spirits.

Lakhey dance

Lakhey dance is a vital part of the Newari culture,  performed during festivals like Indra Jatra and Krishna Janmashtami through various streets of the Kathmandu Valley. The Newars are aborigines to the Kathmandu Valley, and their culture and heritage is reflected throughout the capital.

The Lakhey dance has a religious element to it; tells the story of a demon, portrays the mythology and festive culture of Newar community. The dancer wears the terrifying mask and costume while performing exuberant dance step to the beat of the music. The Lakhey dance entertains the crowd that visits this restaurant in thamel, often interacting with the crowd, especially young children.

Shaman dance

Nepal – a land of myth and mystic – is popularly known for its Tantrism and Shamanism. Shamanism is the traditional ritual and belief practiced in the eastern and western hills of Nepal. The Shaman dance, also known as Jhakri dance in the native language, is the spiritual dance of Shamans (also called mediator between people and the spirit), where the performer is in trance state of mind and depict ecstasy dance steps.

Tamang Shelo

Tamang Shelo usually performed by Tamang communities, one of the ethnic groups, living in the hills of Nepal. Usually, this dance is performed in a group, accompanied by beating of drums (damphu), maadals and tungna. The Tamang Shelo has very lively performance and expresses the story of love, tragedy and day to day lifestyle of hills.


Apart from entertaining the guest, Gokarna House attempts to preserve the traditional folk dances and promote Nepalese culture all around the world. This restaurant in Thamel offers multi-cuisine dishes, authentic Nepali and Newari dishes that appeal to your taste buds. Gokarna House Restaurant is ideal for large or small events, weddings, meetings, and conferences, centrally located at Thamel, Kathmandu.


If you are seeking a culinary and cultural experience that embodies the rich tradition and heritage of Nepal, you need not look any further. We have been serving our guests for more than 5 years. We heartily welcome you at this restaurant in Thamel, Gokarna House Restaurant. For more information, Contact us.

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